Helping You
  1. Gap Analysis
    Analyzing leading and lagging indicators to determine the areas most at risk. Identifying current processes and identifying areas that are not meeting legislated and regulatory requirements.
  2. Business Analyst
    Reviewing the analyzed data and determining the best solution and tasks required to meet your business goals (ROI) and your health and safety obligations within your organization.
  3. Hazard Assessments & Control Process
    Identifying workplace hazards, risks and the controls to reduce risks is the foundation to your health and safety management system. This process defines your training plans, competency assessments, inspection processes and emergency response plans.
  4. Training Plans and Programs
    Designing training plans and programs that fit your business services and support on-going certifications for your employees.
  5. Competency Programs
    Developing competency measurement programs to ensure your staff are assessed for their skills and integrating the process to measure the return on training investment dollars.
  6. COR and SECOR Auditing
    Auditing and assessing the strengths and identifying areas for improvement are essential to ensure your health and safety system is meeting your business goals.
  7. Bid Preparation
    Assisting your organization with developing contract management documentation and leading and lagging indicators to measure your contractors and sub-contractors performance.
  8. Documentation
    Technical writing and developing documentation to support your health and safety management system. Policies, procedures and forms define the roles and responsibilities and tasks to support due diligence.
  9. Risk Assessment
    Assessing the risks in your business identifies the critical tasks and areas requiring priority. Risk assessments prioritizes controls and areas where your organization is most vulnerable.