About me
Doreen von Gradulewski, NCSO
I love to succeed, but I what I love even more is to accelerate  your success!
I am highly effective in project success and advocate the health and safety moral compass through listening to the stories being told within an organization. I am very good at finding opportunities for success within an organization by researching into avenues where no one else is looking. I work successfully with all levels of personnel in time critical settings. I provide creative balance of technical savvy and strong personal and professional relationships.
Health and safety management elements can seem confusing and daunting. I facilitate the process with managers, supervisors and staff and provide clarity behind the why, what and how elements in changing or improving a system. I enjoy working with all levels of staff in an organization. I get energized when I am working with people to solve a problem. My goal is to ensure your health and safety management obligations meet the legislative and due diligence requirements and are integrated within your organization's business goals and values.
I believe in continuous learning and I maintain excellence in my professional services and development. As a health and safety business strategist I believe in walking the talk. My own consulting company achieved its SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) from WCB Partnership in Injury Reduction in 2015.
I am the past Secretary to the Alberta Occupational Safety Auditors Association. The association's mission is to provide a unifying voice for all professional auditors in Alberta, Canada and providing networking, mentoring and on-going technical auditor training.

If you are an internal or external auditor, business owner, student or any one interested in learning more about the auditing process, please check out our website.  AOSAA website, www.aosaa.ca